Our animal family

We have two cats and a dog. We love our pets, and they are a big part of our life. All 3 of our pets were rescues or shelter finds. We are big advocates of adopting a pet from a local shelter!


Murphy is a big goofy guy, just plain weird. We often shake our heads and wonder if other dogs are as weird as ours. He's also huge - over 100 pounds but without an aggressive bone in his body. He's a gentle giant. People at the dog park like to guess what he's mixed with because he's so large (his size doesn't quite translate in the photos). He loves to run and seems to have an unusually oversized tongue (people comment on that a lot too). He's a smart dude, knows a couple tricks, but doesn't always want to listen. Since we didn't get to train him as a puppy, it's been an ongoing training process that requires a lot of patience on our part. He's a great dog though, so he's totally worth it. He likes destroying everything (like our shrub), eating things he shouldn't, long walks on the beach, and peanut butter.

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Clyde is a sweetheart with a very gentle spirit. He doesn't have any of the stereotypical sassy cat personality traits. He will come when you call him, even if he's sleeping on the other side of the house, and likes to hang out nearby in case you need him. I guess he's a little needy, and very bonded to Kristi from when it was just the two of them in the Roseville apartment. Rob claims that Clyde previously plotted to kill him, but now the two are great friends. He loves string cheese and drinking out of drippy faucets (and he will cry and whine until you turn them on slightly when he's thirsty). People who don't really like cats tend to like Clyde.

  • Domestic longhair
  • Born sometime in 2005
  • Adopted from an acquaintance (who could no longer care for her) in 2005
Embree has tons of personality. She's feisty and sassy and constantly making us laugh. She is named after the guitar player and singer from the RX Bandits, Matt Embree. She is surprisingly athletic (though not graceful at all) and does some flying Matrix-style moves when she feels like it. She knows how to play fetch, even though we didn't teach her. We play it on her terms, when she wants to. She is extremely smart, but chooses to use her natural intelligence for mostly evil activities. She's very manipulative. She's also extremely cute. She likes catnip, beer (against our wishes), knocking things over, forcing herself into photos, pooping outside the box, and just generally being naughty. But we love her.

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