Saturday, February 12, 2011

Art scheming

I just found out that (one of my favorite places to buy prints) now does photo framing and mounting.

Their prices are pretty reasonable, and I've heard good things about the quality. So now I'm scheming about some new art possibilities for the dining room.

I'm thinking of printing some of my outdoor pics and having them mounted on wood. Like this:

I'm thinking about some outdoorsy shots I took last April at Lake Maria with my Sony a500 (which is only around $400 if you are thinking of picking up a D-SLR). Here are the original pics, straight of camera:

Here are the edits I made. I wanted them to look slightly more abstract than a normal photo.

I like the new versions a lot. I was almost ready to order when I saw in the description that the photos are actually printed on wood with black finish. Rob and I have talked about keeping this room in dark brown tones, so now I'm kind of stuck. Has anyone ever had photos printed on wood before? Do you have a reputable printer to recommend? I'm all ears.


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