Saturday, January 15, 2011

Doomtree videos

My friend Scott told me I need to update this blog more because he needs reading material when he's bored. Since I always do my best to aid others in their time-wasting, here are some videos I shot at the Doomtree concert last month. We ventured intrepidly into the beginning of a blizzard (it happened to be the storm that brought us 20+ inches of snow) for the show. I think these videos are pretty entertaining (and contain a lot of previously unreleased songs, which is awesome). But I will admit that they are lower quality since I shot them using my faithful pocket Canon shown here:

You should watch them anyway. Oh, and I have to show you this before I get to the videos. Before the show, I saw the most famous Doomtree MC, Stef Alexander (aka P.O.S.) walking around near the bar at First Ave. Club. I waved him over, and we snapped a quick pic.

I love Minneapolis hip hop.

Enjoy the videos - experience Minneapolis hip hop for yourself.

This is how they started the show. Notice the Christmas tree. It was in mid December.

Unreleased song by Cecil Otter. He was losing his voice, but it's still awesome. Check out the emotion at 2:41.

Sims and POS singing a new song for the first time:

Unreleased song by Sims:

"Purexed" by POS:

Sims - "Keygrip" plus part of a new song. Check out how his friends help him out when he can't hear the beat at the beginning. I love it.

"Rebel Yellow" by Cecil Otter:

POS - "Let it Rattle"

Doomtree - "Traveling Dunk Tank"

Doomtree - "Gander Back" featuring some awesome and funny dancing at the beginning.

POS - "Drumroll"


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