Thursday, May 6, 2010

Buying a camera? Three awesome advanced point and shoot cameras under $400

Some friends are shopping around for a new camera, so I suggested a few to try out. They wanted more functionality than the average pocket cam, but weren't quite ready for a full d-SLR. I found a couple that I think they'd like. Then I thought, why not share these awesome camera suggestions with the rest of the world too? You know, I'm thoughtful like that. So here's my top 3 of what's out there, advanced point and shoot cameras. This is a great time to buy a camera because there's so many good ones out there, and the prices are totally reasonable. Here goes...

These are all 12.1 megapixel cameras. Same as my Sony a500 d-SLR.

1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35
$337 on Amazon
Why? Because I used to own some Lumix Leica glass, and I think it's the sharpest that's out there. I sold my advanced point-and-shoot to my sister in order to buy a Sony flash for my current camera. I admit, I can't help but miss the ease of use and amazing good shots that I got with my Panasonic. It was super consistent, even in auto mode. Plus it has a rechargeable battery, f2.8 (which means it's good in low light), HD movie mode, and a crazy zoom lens. It has a "Speed Priority" mode that lets you shoot 10 frames a second, so it's almost as fast as the Pentax below. Check out the sample pics on Amazon if you don't believe me. Great camera.

2. Canon Powershot SX20 IS
$369 on Amazon
Why? I think Canon point-and-shoot cameras are no-fail great quality. I've owned two and have been very happy with both. This has very similar features to the Panasonic above, crazy zoom and HD movie mode and such, but this one takes AA batteries. I insist on having a rechargeable battery these days, so that's a deal-breaker for me. However if you don't mind carrying around lots of extra batteries, then this is a great camera that I think anyone would be happy with. It's cool that this camera has a hot shoe on top so you can mount an external flash.

3. Pentax x90
$359 on Amazon
This one might be the best out of the three, but I put it last because I haven't shot it personally (though I'd like to, so let me know if any of you end up buying it). This is kind of a best kept secret type of camera. It's an exciting one, very innovative and d-SLR-like but easier to use. Great value and awesome features. I'm sure you could get some professional quality photos of this camera. Pentax is a pretty underrated brand in my opinion. One notable thing about this model is a "burst" mode that lets you take 11 shots per second. That's stone cold crazy. Also 26x zoom? Wha-at? Unheard of.

And that's that. Do you agree with my choices? Or do you own one of these and care to weigh in? You know what to do. Click that comment button below. Word.


Kate May 6, 2010 at 9:57 AM  

I own the older version of the canon powershot, and really like it. It does take AA batteries, but I just bought rechargeable batteries so at least I'm not buying new ones all time. Plus, I've found that they last a while, so I haven't been stranded with a dead camera (yet). Great post!

Jessica {The Novice Chef} May 6, 2010 at 8:15 PM  

I just sent this to a friend looking to purchase one. I tried to talk her into a SLR...but she wants a point and shoot! Great post!

The Brick Cottage May 10, 2010 at 3:16 PM  

Yes, great post! I want a nicer camera but am not ready to spend the money on a dslr. I've been leaning toward the Canon Power Shot but will read up on the other cameras you've suggested and consider my options.

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