Monday, November 23, 2009

One room and a year's worth of redesigns

Last week, we set up the new guest bedroom. The challenge is that we didn't buy anything new for it. No bedding or accessories and the like. Even so, I think it's coming along nicely.

This room has gone through quite a bit of transformation since we moved in, mostly because I'd never decorated a house before and I'm still figuring out what I like and dislike (and having to deal with budget limitations like most new homeowners).

Here is the room when we first saw it, at the house inspection:

Obviously they had the room set up as a nursery. Since we don't plan on having any chill'ren in the near future, we decided to make this into an office/art studio/exercise space for me. Yes, I am spoiled.

When we moved in, we didn't have much furniture so the room was quite bare. I purchased a desk, inexpensive shelving unit, and rug. That's it. Here's my room with those things and the ugly curtains that the previous owner left:

Very sparse, which I suppose isn't a bad thing. I liked the space but wanted to play around with different color schemes.

For a while, I tried to be bold and do a brown and black design (inspired by some wedding gifts that we'd received). I made a little seating area by the window using a storage ottoman that we already had. I made some new art (for the shelf) to replace the older paintings I'd done since I wanted to do a more cohesive color scheme (or attempt at one anyway).

I re-arranged and brought in a black Ikea bookshelf that we already had back in the apartment. It provides a ton of useful storage for all my art supplies and computer books/magazines. Also, crazy cat eyes!

This setup worked for a while. Then for some reason, all the brown tones bothered me. I decided to scrap that idea and go for black and light neutral accents. I wanted to bring in some more textures and make it feel cozy.

I also decided that I needed a real sitting area for this room as I was spending a lot of time in there doing homework, painting, and exercising. I first attempted to dress up the ottoman with a fake sheepskin we had and some new blinds and breezy curtains for the window (this look totally inspired by YoungHouseLove, a now favorite blog that I had just discovered).

But THEN we found out about the super affordable Ikea Solsta bed. It's a cute little loveseat type couch that is perfect for smaller rooms and only $150. Bonus: It converts into a little bed. We love to host out-of-town guests so the possibility of having another sleeping space was too hard to pass up. We had to have it, of course.

So here's the room after the couch and after I painted a few accessories (the mirror, shelf, vases, and bulletin board), and brought in the new couch:

I fought with myself on whether I wanted to paint the walls and trim or just leave them the way they are. Rob is opposed to painting the trim white (he doesn't want it to be mis-matched since the rest of the house has brown trim), and I am admittedly pretty lazy when it comes to wall painting. So I left it like this:

For art, I framed some black and white photos that I took around our neighborhood for the gallery style wall:

We kept the room like this for the second part of the year. Then, as I mentioned earlier, we got the crazy idea to change everything, move our bedroom downstairs, and put a music and art studio upstairs. That said, this room is now our guest bedroom:

As I said earlier, we haven't bought anything new for this room. I used the throws and pillows that I had on the Solsta couch in the earlier pic and a black bedspread I had at the apartment.

We brought the bed in from our old guest bedroom. Everything else pretty much stayed the same. I'm sure I will tweak the art and accessories in the upcoming months. Once we finish our upstairs studio, I can move my art supplies out of this room and we can replace the bookshelf with a dresser.

With all the black in this room, it's clear that I will need to think about adding some pops of color, probably on the bed and walls. I did a purple and blue painting (shown here) but I think I need some more pieces to tie in with it:

Also the walls look more yellow now, and I don't think I want yellow walls. I may have to give in and actually paint the room. We'll see.

It's kinda crazy how one room can change so much in 11 months. I guess that's part of the fun of decorating a house. Soon, I'll post some pictures of the new master bedroom. Exciting stuff, I tell ya. Bye for now, Internets.

UPDATE: It was too black in this room, so I updated with an old beige comforter we had. Much better, I reckon. The walls even look less yellow and more neutral with the new bedspread color. Yeah, it's wrinkly. So what.

2ND UPDATE: This room has gone through an accessorizing overhaul. You can read about it here. The room now looks like this:

Ahhh, much better.


Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog November 24, 2009 at 1:46 PM  

What a fun post! Can't wait to see what you've done to the master :).

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