Friday, June 5, 2009

Anyone like free concerts?

It wouldn't be summer in Minnesota without Grand Old Day in St. Paul. Sunday June 7th for those of you not in the know. Lots of free concerts, lots of expensive beer, lots of good times to be had for all. The Twin Cities are a hotbed for hip hop, and Grand Old Day is no exception. Last year Kristi and I got to see Doomtree, this year we will be able to see Heiruspecs. Sounds like a blast.

Speaking of free shows, you should all go see Prof, St. Paul Slim, and Big Zach play at the Fineline for free as well. To get the tickets you have to go to and print them out.Saturday June 13th, go see Prof live, dude is the truth.

Oh, and if you want a taste of the music, you can download the album from them for free here.


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