Saturday, May 16, 2009

House projects

We've been in our first home for five months now. Even though we've accomplished a lot, it seems that we come up with new future project every day. It's sort of overwhelming. Rob and I made a list of everything we'd like to do. I wrote it all down so I can have the joy of crossing off completed tasks.

(Updated as of 6/30/09)

  • Upstairs bedroom remodel (tear down wall paper, paint ceiling and accent walls, curtains.
  • Plant vegetable garden.
  • Build dog kennel.
  • Build gate for porch.
  • Demo basement.
  • Remodel basement/ Framing, dry wall, wood laminate flooring, built-in shelving. Paint and decorate (in progress)
  • Garage repair (need some structural support so I don't end up a squashed wifey while getting out of my car one day).
  • Rip up carpet in dining room (in progress).
  • Landscaping. Lay down some grass seed, tear up unsightly front yard bushes, plant new shrubs and plants.
  • Paint and decorate art studio/office (in progress).
  • Re-finish entertainment center (formerly Rob's grandma's armoire) (in progress).
  • Upstairs bedroom remodel part II. Tear up carpet, install hard wood floors, knock down half wall and replace with railing.
  • Update kitchen. Tear down wall paper, add slate back splash, possibly new countertops, possibly new floor tiling, paint.
  • Re-finish dining room table (also formerly Rob's grandma's).
  • Put in a second bathroom (upstairs).
  • Re-finish hard woods in dining room and main level bedrooms.
  • Main level bathroom remodel/update. Paint, wall tiling, floor tiling, open closet.
  • Brick driveway and walkway.
  • Build 6' wooden privacy fence.
  • Build new deck.
  • Paint living room.
Whew. I kind of want to cry now. Tell me it will all be ok, Internet. I'm off to buy a Powerball ticket now.


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