Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello IKEA! Goodbye fun money.

I spent a little chunk of my "fun money" his weekend during a trip to our friendly neighborhood IKEA. Don't worry - Most of these purchases were planned, and a lot of things were on sale. Check out my little home decor haul:

And here's the details:

Farin - Banana fiber plant pot, $6.99. I am going to plant cat grass in it. It will be cool. Trust me.

Havtorn - Tall gray vase. I mentioned in an earlier post that I liked these vases, but felt $12.99 was too much. Imagine my surprise (and delight) when our IKEA store had these marked down to $5.99! Now that's more like it.

Florera Mys - Round and pillar candles with fresh linen scent, on sale for $2.99. These smell awesome (they do remind me of clean laundry). I put them in a ceramic tray that I already had, along with some rocks.

Chris - Bulletin board, $4.99. I already had one, but I wanted another for the office/studio.

Basick - Table lamp, $19.99. Also for the office/studio, this is an important piece because it will tie together the shades (birch wood, gray metal) of the existing desk with the white decorative elements I'm compiling for the space.

Rens - Sheepskin, $19.99. I was looking for a plush and soft throw to place on my existing ottoman from Target when I saw this piece on another blog. Though I bought the ottoman long ago for basic storage, I never thought of using it as a window seating area until recently. I saw on another blog that sheer white curtains paired with bamboo shades makes a nice combination. (Thanks for the great ideas, John and Sherry!)

And finally,

Ribba - 16x20" birch colored frame, $22.99. This is a bit pricy for a frame BUT Target recently sent me a coupon for a free 16x20" photo poster print (I guess Target loves me). Since I got the print for free, I figured it was time for some new art for our living room above the fireplace. I chose a photo of some trees near the lake at the end of our block.

A nice set of purchases, I'd say.

Thank you, IKEA. You take all my money, but somehow make me feel happy.


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"Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others." - Buddha

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