Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grill update: Full review

Update 6/2/09: This grill quit working less than two months after we purchased it. It simply quit heating. We tried a couple different propane tanks, but nothing worked and we wound up returning it to Lowe's. We also had some rust, but the store clerk told us that's normal as this grill is not actually stainless steel (it's just made to look like stainless steel). Very disappointing.

It has been almost one month that we purchased our grill, the Char-Broil Commercial model # 463247009, so I think it is about time to give it a full performance review. Here are some of the pros and cons of the grill I have noticed so far:

Pro- I have noticed that the grill heats up very fast. I usually only have to turn half of the burners on (usually I am only cooking for two) and the grill heats up to 450-500 degrees in about 4 min.

Con- On the stainless steel cover of the grill, there are signs of the beginning of some surface rust. I have not covered the grill (my bad) but I thought stainless was not supposed to rust. I will get a cover, but the steel must be lower grade.

Pro- Lifetime warranty on burners. Always nice to know that a company stands behind their product... or at least part of their product.

Con- Uneven cooking. The back portion of the grill cooks a fair amount faster than the front. So when I am grilling steaks, I rotate front to back when I flip them (for more even cooking). Side to side, the cooking is even.

Pro- Cast iron grilling grates. Nice, even sear marks, porcelain coated makes for easy cleaning.

Overall I would say that the grill is nice. It is a middle-of-the-road grill, which will always have its positives and negatives. When I have to replace this grill I will probably upgrade to a Weber, but right now they are just way too expensive for my budget. If it has the same burners, I might go with the $199 Char-Broil at Lowe's. Reasoning: if the stainless is going to rust, you might as well not spend the extra $100 to get it. I think this grill is probably the best at its price point, but you are probably better off spending less on a grill and saving for a few years for that Weber.


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