Sunday, April 5, 2009

More savings, more tools, happy husband

We stopped by Lowe's yesterday to do some grill shopping. But instead we ended up buying this:

Dewalt 15 gallon air compressor.

Rob's wanted one for as long as I've known him. I've recently been pressuring him to get one since my car started acting up (needs new brakes, apparently). One of the benefits of having a handy husband is that I save a bundle on car repairs... assuming we have the right tools. That includes an impact wrench, which we also picked up.

I'm hoping we can eventually get more tools to use with the air compressor, like this, a finish nailer:

The finish nailer can be used for doing trim work and also for making things like picture frames and maybe even some small furniture pieces.

Anyway we weren't planning on buying an air compressor this nice (a sales associate told us Dewalt is the Cadillac of tools), but Lowe's had it marked down nearly 50%. Plus there was only one left, so into the cart it went. These retail for $389 to on Amazon, but we got ours for $213 plus an additional 10% off (thanks to Rob's coupon cutting skills). Total savings = $197 on the air compressor and $6 on the impact wrench.

It feels good to save money while getting a nice tool that we'll have for a long time. Happy husband? Bonus.


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