Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Keep on and you don't stop, Don't stop 'till you get futon

Today our friends Melissa and Nick dropped off a futon to us. They were unsure they could fit it in their Jeep but after seeing the kind of stuff Kristi and I put in our little 2-door cars, I bet they could probably put something really big in there. j/k lol. Not really, that is just a figure of speech.

I have to get permits from the city to do my renovation. I am upset about this for more ways than anyone could ever know, even myself. The city inspector told me that he had spies all around the city that call him whenever they see people moving construction materials into houses. Narcs, all of them. Oh well, I figured the permitting would be really expensive and a waste of time, but it turns out it is not that expensive (waste of time factor can not be determined at this time).

On a plus side, I get to send architectural plans for the basement to the city planner. I almost want to draw them in crayon on a napkin, but for some reason I don't think he will take my request seriously. That is all for now, Internet.
Forever yours,
Rob Vila


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