Sunday, April 5, 2009

If you can't be with the car you love, love the car you're with

Earlier, Rob made an awkward joke about some of the huge things we've managed to fit into our small, two-door car. But in all seriousness, even I have to give props to our hand-me-down Chevy Cavalier. Look, I didn't choose this car. It used to belong to my mom, which makes it instantly uncool in my mind. But... I needed something reliable, and my parents wanted to buy a new car. We ended up buying the Cavalier from them for next to nothing, and it's been impressively hardy in the nearly 3 years Rob and I have had it.

Some of the things we've manged to squeeze into the Cavalier:

  • 15-gallon air compressor (in box, surprising several employees at Lowes)
  • Miter saw (in box)
  • Two lawn mowers and three weed-whackers
  • Snow blower
  • Bikes
  • Dog kennel and 100+ pound dog
Not owning a new car has saved us a lot of money. We save money on gas mileage, insurance, and you can't beat the extra money we have each month from no car payment.

Chevy Cavalier, we salute you and your deceptively massive hauling abilities.

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