Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend in pictures

Rob and I had a very relaxing weekend, but I have to admit we didn't do any work on the house other than routine cleaning. Therefore I have nothing productive to blog about. Oh well. I still took lots of photos.

I came home on Friday to find a package waiting on our doorstep. It was an Easter basket from my parents, who live in North Dakota. Check out what they sent us:

  • A dog toy
  • A dog magazine
  • A dog refrigerator magnet
  • Dog calming pills
  • A dog first aid kit
  • A cat first aid kit (not pictured)
  • A bag of cat toys
  • A dog rain jacket (not pictured)

As you can see, my mom loves animals, especially her grandpets.

The cats seem to automatically love anything my mom sends them. Toys...

... or their beloved cat bed (below). I'm almost certain that if I had given them a cat bed, they would hate it and refuse to go near it. But since it's from my mom, they sleep in it every day.

Sure, most of the Easter basket was for our pets, but Rob and I got some candy too. Carrot Patch Pete!

We spent most of Friday evening and Saturday outside, grilling and relaxing on our porch.

Andrew came over later, and we made a fire to burn some of our old lumber, as well as the twigs and debris from the yard after trimming out the bushes.

Apparently the fire needed more lighter fluid:

Shortly after the above pic, our neighbors asked us if we had a fire permit. Crap, another permit!? I'll say one thing about our city - they're nothing if not opportunists.

We celebrated Easter with Rob's family in Plymouth. His uncle Neil and aunt Chris have a beautiful home on a pond near some woods.

And Murphy got to see his friend Sophie, a bichon frise/cocker spaniel mix who likes having her picture taken.

After eating, the whole family went for a walk with the dogs.

With a stop at a nearby park:

We also learned that Murphy loves swimming pools, and enjoyed a stinky wet dog in the car on the way home.

What a nice and relaxing weekend. Hope you all had a great Easter as well. :)


Laura April 13, 2009 at 3:08 PM  

Murphy's tongue looks HUGE!

Happy Easter!

shannon lee April 13, 2009 at 3:58 PM  

it looks like you had a great Easter! Glad someone else loves it too. :) also - when I lived in Mpls, I lived (from what I can tell) right by Rob's fam and that park! small world :) hope all is well, hun!

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