Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dog boot camp

I was looking for some dog training advice and stumbled on this Dog boot camp site. Looks like some pretty good advice, mostly from the Cesar Milan (Dog Jesus) school of training.

That is the first picture that comes up on a Google image search of "Cesar Milan Dog Jesus". Even scarier is that there were over 60,000 results.

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Laura April 29, 2009 at 9:50 PM  

What do you need help with?? Is there any advice I can give you?

As for Cesar Milan Dog Jesus, wow! That is scary.

And I'm sure you know, but most trainers now days do not believe in dominance theory. We now know that in a real wolf pack it's mom, dad, older children, and babies so a wolf is "dominant" in the sense that it's mom and dad. Although of course I do believe that we need to be leaders to our dogs, just not alpha role them and be concerned about hierarchy all the time. Dogs pull because it works, not because their dominant. If you watch a wolf pack (which unfortunately I haven't been blessed enough too!) the wolf "in charge" is not in front, but wherever he wants. It's just that when dad stops, all stop, where he turns they all turn, it doesn't matter who's out in front.

There are some great articles out there on the subject:

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