Thursday, April 2, 2009

Black and brown design, part I

I hate when people ask what my favorite color is. It's black. No, really. Look, I'm not goth or emo. I just like black. It's classic, classy, and versatile. It goes with everything... well, except brown. Or does it?

Actually I believe you can combine black and brown in a design scheme, so long as it is clearly intentional. The easiest way to do this is with accent pieces, artwork, and textiles. With that in mind, I've been re-decorating the office/studio this week.

This room served as a nursery for the previous owners (see pic). Since babies are scary, smelly, and evil, I decided to go in the opposite direction with this room. My goal: a stream-lined, modern studio office space.

The best part about this project is that I have bought minimal materials thus far. I've been stealing re-purposing pieces we already have to work together in this new space.

I'm using a leather ottoman (was un-used in a corner of our dining room) to store my workout equipment. I laid a hand-woven table runner on it, and topped it off with an orange pillow. In front of the window, this arrangement makes a nice little makeshift seating area. The tapestry (from Guatemala) was a gift from a friend, and the pillow was part of a bedding set we received as a wedding gift.

Next I took a cheap metal bookshelf from Ikea and displayed a few small paintings (made to match the design scheme), as well as some bamboo bowls (also gifts). The spider plant began as a little scrap we swiped from a lobby plant in our old apartment building.

I'm only half way done with this room, but the black and brown design is coming along quite nicely in my opinion. Stay tuned for more.


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